Zara? Break up with her.

By Nikki Kaur, April 2, 2020 

2020 is turning out to be a wild year, if this was a reality tv show, we would love it. Unfortunately, it’s just our present reality. A positive emerging from this crisis is that Mother Nature seems to be righting all the wrongs caused by us. These ‘wrongs’ also extend to our industry, the fashion industry. One of the biggest offenders in creating environmental issues! Changes need to be made asap and there’s an emerging surge towards sustainable fashion.

One trend coming to the forefront is vintage clothing is becoming increasingly popular. Just take a look at Kim K’s latest fashion outings in vintage Mugler and Versace. And who can forget Cardi B in that Jean Paul Gaultier Mad Max dress? If the ultimate celebrity influencers are turning to vintage, why not give it a go? 

 Three reasons to say No to fast fashion. 

1. It’s Ruining Our Planet. The earth is our home, but we seem to be ok with it being disrespected. One of the biggest offenders is the fast fashion industry. Accounting to stats the fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions This is alarming and it’s time to take a leaf out of Greta Thunberg’s book-no don’t take a boat everywhere- but do make more educated purchases. There are so many cool vintage stores, selling the most to-die for pieces- Jhrop anybody? :P

2. The Inhumane Practices. A garment worker gets paid around 100 dollars a month in some countries. If this doesn’t make you want to scream, then sorry to say you’re a bad person. This is so shocking when you compare it the profits made from major high street brands. Yes, you may have got that nice dress for a bargain but remember someone else is paying a dear price to make it. That alone should make you want to start shopping more wisely. Don’t be fooled by all the green washing and conscious collection wording either. It’s modern day slavery and it’s time to boycott! 

3. Fast Fashion Fatigue. Aren’t you tired of the countless amounts of dresses, tops, shoes being modelled by some IG model? None of them have any uniqueness or appeal, talking about the clothes of course! They seem to be direct rip offs from the runway but made with less care, even worse material and zero artistry. Please do not contribute to or sustain this industry any longer! It’s the ultimate fashion faux pas. Friends don’t let friends wear fast fashion. That’s the new mantra of 2020. 

Three Reasons to say YES to Vintage.

1. It’s Better Quality. The wistful thinking that things were so much better back in the day is actually true when it comes to clothing. Clothing production has undergone a huge change in the modern era which favors cheaper materials and poorer production. All in the name of saving money and producing more.  Whereas earlier on in the fashion industry, quality was key rather than quantity. Clothing was designed to last; therefore, you’ll find a lot more high-quality fabric in vintage pieces. It’s truly a great investment as it’s literally designed to last a lifetime! 

2. It’s Unique. Don’t you love it when someone compliments your clothing and enthusiastically enquiries where you got it from? The pleasure you get from saying, ‘This thing? It’s vintage darling’, is priceless! Buying vintage ensures no will be wearing or rushing out to buy the same thing as you. It’s totally unique and a reflection of your personal style. It brings the fun back into fashion and a more creative side of you. It’s time to turn your back on the fashion trends pushed by the industry and explore more of what you like.

3. It’s Environmentally Better. The fashion industry today is causing so many problems-industrial pollution, human exploitation, humongous amounts of waste. The list could go on forever. It’s time to reject this rotten behavior and invest in a less wasteful industry. Buying vintage is the sustainable and ethical choice. Understand the power of your purchase, shifting buying habits forces a shift in industry practice. Isn’t it so much better to make a purchase knowing it’s not killing our planet or made by a severely underpaid worker?  

The next time you go into a high street store to make a purchase, do yourself and the world a favor, and don’t. Understand the power of your purchase, buy better! You’ll be making a wise saving……. the planet!