Simply pass on any item that no longer spark joy and let us handle everything else! Out of sight, out of mind!

Multiple marketplaces

Unlike other consignment services, we sell on multiple global marketplaces along with our own website. This enables us to reach a wider and diverse audience, allowing us to have a higher sell through rate at a higher selling price.


We have a deep list of important clienteles- from high-profile Hollywood celebrities to stylists to museum boards that source special pieces from us.


Our specialists are very knowledgable in the resale market and fashion history. Our expertise allows us to identify any rare runway pieces, current market trend in the resale-sphere.

Partnered marketplaces

Commission Table - Friends and Family

Monthly Accumulated Sales (HKD)  You receive! JHROP commission
HK $156,000 & over 77% 23%
HK $78,000 - HK $155,999 75% 25%
HK $62,400 - HK $77,999 65% 35%
HK $35,100 - HK $62,399 60% 40%
HK $7,800 - HK $35,099 55% 45%
HK $960 - HKD $7,799 50% 50%
Minimum Charge: HK $480 / item * HKD $480

We take a base commission of HKD $480 for every item for the cost and expenses needed in preparing the item for sale.
The base rate will cover for professional photography, authentication, marketing, marketplace and bank charges, packaging and warehousing, outbound and return international shipping, customs for export/import, insurance, expertise etc.
For items sold for less than HK$480, you not receive any consignment payout after our base commission.

Example 1: Reaching a lowered commission tier
You sold 18 items between January 1 - January 31st. Within the 18 items, a Hermes bag sold for HKD $66,250 and a Chanel bag for HKD $29,600. The total sales of HKD $78,000 for the two bags brings your Monthly Accumulated Sales (MAS) to a lowered commission tier.

Example 2 : Base commission
You sold 2 items between February 1 - 31st. A Gucci bag sold for HKD $15,000 and an Alexander Wang top sold for HKD $800. Your Monthly Accumulated Sales (MAS) is HKD $15,800, you reach a lowered commission tier!The Gucci bag will be entitled to a lowered commission whilst the base rate of HKD $480 will be charged on the Alexander Wang top. Despite the base commission, the sales of the Alexander Wang top helped push your MAS to a lower commission tier on other items!

The Consignment Period for each item begins on the date JHROP accepts the item for consignment and ends 545 days thereafter. If merchandise remains unsold after 545 days, it will be returned to you at no commission (not even our base commission) charged!

With our new Commission Table, we offer a better commission to consign your designer bags with us than with an Auction House.

Simple commission. All inclusive.

No hidden costs. We only charge a commission when an item sells. The consignment period begins on the day Jhrop accepts an item for consignment and ends 545 days (18 months) thereafter. If an item remains unsold after 545 - Jhrop will have all unsold items donated or returned free of charge (not even our minimum charge!)

HK $480 Minimum Charge

We take a minimum charge of HKD $480 for every item sold. This covers the cost and expenses needed in preparing an item for sale- including authentication & cataloging, styling & photography, product listing & marketing, market price analysis, warehousing & storage, selling fees & insurance, and logistics etc...
Please note for items sold for under HK$480, you not receive any consignment proceeds.

Better rates than auction houses

With our new Commission Table, we offer better rates to consign your fancy handbags than leading auctions houses.


What we do?

JHROP authenticates every item that comes into our possession. Our highly-trained authentication experts guarantees EVERYTHING we take in is authentic.
Our consignors look to JHROP for our expertise in pricing. We use a proprietary algorithm to set prices according to desirability, designer, style, references, item type, item size, seasonality, condition and current market demand.

Unlike other consignment companies, we price each item individually.
Each item is inspected meticulously to ensure condition and measurements are accurately described in the listing. Coupled with our stylists, photographers and retouchers who processes up to 12 HD images for every item, JHROP items are ALWAYS presented in the most attractive way whilst being informative and accurate.
We go through 3 stages of QC. Our stylists, copywriters and Quality Control team will make remarks on an item's condition as we process the item. This ensures that our Condition Report is accurate for buyers. A thorough and honest condition report initiate faster sales and lowers the chance of returns.
We store everything in our 24-hour air-conditioned, temperature, light and humidity controlled warehouse to ensure JHROP items are well preserved. Items are kept in an optimal environment to ensure that they are stored and sold in it's best condition.
We attend to customer enquiries around the clock on all our partnered channels. We also have a deep list of private clients who are sent updated catalogues monthly.
Once an item is sold, we re-authenticate every item before it gets carefully packed and shipped worldwide.

Consign now... as easy as 1,2,3!

step 1
Download contract via google drive
Step 2
You may request for packing materials to be delivered to you. We have padlocks and shopper bags available.
Request Supplies via Whatsapp
Step 3
< 49 items: We will arrange SF Express for pick up
> 50 items: Our dedicated driver will pick up from you
Request pick up via Whatsapp
in-home concierge service
Don't have the time? Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry!! We offer an in-home concierge service whereby a member from our team will come pick & pack with you. Service is available for over 100 items only.
enquire now

What items are accepted?

Our best selling categories : Bags, Shoes and Outerwears

Our best selling contemporary brands : Balenciaga by Demna, Christian Louboutin, Gucci by Alessandro Michele, Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh, Versace

Our best selling vintage brands : Alexander McQueen by Lee McQueen, Comme Des Garcons, Gianni Versace, Gucci by Tom Ford, Martin Margiela

We accept items in Excellent to Pristine condition only.

- Item should be clean and without stains. We do not accept items with stains, discoloration, yellowing at underarms, with odour or with excessive signs of wear including pilling, fading, scuffing, scratches and holes
- We do not accept items that are severely altered, stretched, or shrunk. Original design and style should not be altered. Items should not have anything added or replaced unless it was part of the original design and/or repair was made or authorized by the designer label themselves.
- Item should have brand, size and composition labels attached. We do not accept items with cut or missing labels as this generally raise concerns regarding authenticity

We accept many things. We do not accept pre-owned sportswear, prescription eyewear, kidswear, homeware and furnitures.

We accept mainline designer labels.

We accept selected outerwear and dresses from subsidiary label lines (eg: T by Alexander Wang, See by Chloe, Versace Jeans Couture) and mid-end brands (eg: Joseph, Theory, J.Crew)

We do not accept Sportswear brands (eg: Nike, Adidas, Reebok) and low-end brands (eg: Zara, H&M X Simone Rocha, Uniqlo X Jil Sander, Topshop X Kate Moss)

We accept fur and exotic leather items from high-end brands and international furriers only.

* Please note, whilst fur and exotic leather have a high retail price, resale prices are almost incomparable. Many resale platforms restrict the export of exotic leather and furs which will affect the general resale value. There are various procedures, certificates and restrictions required to export fur and exotic leather goods internationally.
The demand for fur and exotic leather goods has also declined in recent years due to the fur-free ethical movement.

How do we price items?

Our Consignors look to us for our expertise in the secondary resale market.

Basic determining factors would be the brand, style, size, age and the condition
- Market scarcity: we check against similar live listings and sold records
- General brand resale: brand exclusivity plays an important factor to determine a brand's general resale value. Whether a brand does seasonal sales, operate discount outlets or if they're available on off-season retailers such Yoox or the The Outnet
- We will check if something is a runway style, vintage (20+ years), or have been featured in important publication or campaigns or seen on any celebrities
- Other external factor will be the brand image, search impressions, seasonal trends, and current market demand

Styles within 1 year (2 seasons) generally resells for around 50% off retail price.

Styles within 2-3 years (4-6 seasons) generally resells for around 70% off retail price.

Styles between 4-5 years (6-8 seasons) generally resells for around 85% off retail price.

Styles over 6 years (9 seasons ago) generally resells for around 90% off retail price.

Styles over 10 years generally are considered neo-vintage, if kept in excellent condition may resell for around 80% off retail price.

No. We will provide an estimated selling price for you. Any estimate listed are “provisional” and may be changed by us once we have examined the item at our office. An estimate is not a guarantee of the price at which we will sell an item and is a statement of opinion only. Neither you, nor anyone else, may rely upon any estimate as a prediction or guarantee of the actual selling price of the item.

Yes, but it is not recommended. We are prepared to set a Minimum Reserve on exclusive items on individual basis only.

We will sell an item with a Minimum Reserve for 180 days only. If an item with a Minimum Reserve remains unsold after 180 days, you may choose to continue to consign the item with Minimum Reserve removed or have the item returned to you. You will be charged with our base commission of HKD $480 to help cover for cost and expenses in preparing the item for sale.

If we are unable to agree on a reserve for an item with you in writing before sale, we will return the item to you and the item will not be accepted for Consignment.

Yes. All items are cross posted on all our major marketplaces. If an item does not sell after 90 days with us, we will re-evaluate. Most often, this means the item is marked overpriced or the style does not have a current market appeal. If an item does not sell after 90 days, we will make price revisions when market conditions are optimal.

We will run promotions and offer reasonable discounts at our sole discretion without prior notice to consignor to efficiently market and sell an item.


We pay by Direct Deposit in Hong Kong Dollars only. Payments are made every calendar month or accumulated upon request.

Once an item is sold, payment will be made after 60 days. An item generally takes 2-14 days for delivery to buyer. The buyer has a 30 day return window, as per marketplace policies and EU law. This allows 14 days for us to prepare consignment statements and payouts to you. We may delay paying the proceeds of sale to you for a reasonable period.

The Consignment Period begins on the date JHROP accepts an item for consignment and ends 545 days thereafter.
If merchandise remains unsold after 545 days, JHROP will return all unsold merchandise to you free of charge.
Should client elect to not have items returned- unsold merchandise to be donated to our charity partner- Redress

Yes, you may withdraw any consigned items.

If the Return Request is made within 545 days, the consignor will be charged by our base commission of HK$480 per item and cover for the cost of return shipping. You will be invoiced or it will be deducted from your next payout balance. If you do not have enough pending Payout balance available to cover the cost to recall, Jhrop shall have no obligation to return the item to you.

Any unsold items will be returned to you free of any charge after 545 days.

Generally we decline all items that have an estimated resale price below our base commission of HKD $480 as you will not receive any consignment payout even if sold.

The item may not be on our Designer Directory, not suitable, in unsellable condition or does not have current market demand.

It will be sent back to you for free.
If you do not wish to have your items returned, we will donate your items to our charity partner - ReDress (https://www.redress.com.hk/donate/partners)

If JHROP have reasonable doubts about an item's provenance or authenticity, JHROP will notify the consignor that it has made such a determination and the consignor will have an opportunity to provide proof of purchase/other proof of authenticity. Should an item be deemed inauthentic, or the authenticity cannot be conclusively determined, consignor will be charged a penalty of HKD$480 per item on the next scheduled invoice to cover authentication expense incurred. JHROP does not handle counterfeit goods, any item JHROP determines to be counterfeit will be destroyed and not returned to you.

Jhrop markets and sells luxury designer clothing, handbags, jewelry and watches. You would like Jhrop to sell the items that you have sent to us or that we have collected from you on a consignment basis. This means that you, not Jhrop, will still own the Property, even after you transfer physical possession of the Property to Jhrop. After Jhrop receives or picks up Property from you, Jhrop will confirm the items of Property received. Jhrop accepts the Property from you on a consignment basis only. You are responsible for all risk of loss or damage to the Property until Jhrop takes physical possession of it. If an item of Property is damaged, stolen, or lost while in Jhrop’s possession, it will be treated as Sold and Jhrop will pay you a Commission on that item. The Commission will be based on the damaged, stolen, or lost item’s estimated selling price, which will be determined solely by Jhrop. Upon receipt, Jhrop will provide an initial product count. Jhrop will evaluate each item of Property to deter- mine, in its sole discretion, its authenticity, quality, and value. The item’s condition will affect the valuation. Jhrop only Accepts Property for consignment that: (a) Jhrop determines in its sole discretion to be in very good to excellent condition and (b) Jhrop determines in its sole discretion to be authentic. Property that does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted and will be either (1) returned to you at your expense or (2) at your request, Jhrop will donate your items to a charity of its choice. You are responsible for ensuring the authenticity of all Property you provide to us. If Jhrop cannot confirm the authenticity of any item of Property you have provided, it shall have the right in its sole discretion to refuse to accept the item. If Jhrop determines at any time that an item of Property is counterfeit, Jhrop shall notify you that it has made such a determination and you will have an opportunity to provide proof of purchase/other proof of authenticity acceptable to Jhrop. You acknowledge and agree that any item Jhrop finally determines to be counterfeit will not be returned to you and will be destroyed. You acknowledge and understand that Jhrop is subject to laws and regulations relating to claims that consigned items are counterfeit, have been stolen, or otherwise violate applicable law. Jhrop takes such reports seriously and will cooperate with law enforcement in all investigations. The Consignment Period for each item of Property begins on the date Jhrop accepts the item for consignment and ends 545 days thereafter. At any time during the Consignment Period, and subject to this provision, you may request in writing that Jhrop re- turn the item so long as the item has not already been Sold. Once Jhrop receives your Return Request, it will use commercially reasonable efforts to remove the item from the site before it is sold. It is your responsibility to ensure that Jhrop has your most current contact information and mailing address. Jhrop will charge you a handing fee of HK$465 per every item, which fees reflect Jhrop’s up-front costs of storing, cataloging, and photographing the item in preparation for sale, plus (ii) applicable shipping costs. If the Return Request is made 365 days or less from the date Jhrop accepted the item, Jhrop will return the item within 30 days. Jhrop will charge you the handling costs and cost of return and, in such case, such costs shall be deducted from your pending Commissions. If you do not have enough pending Commissions available to cover the costs of return, Jhrop shall have no obli- gation to return the item to you unless and until you pay Jhrop the costs of return prior to shipment. If the Return Request is made more than 366 days after Acceptance, the item will be returned within 30 days at Jhrop’ expense and no handling fee and return fees will be added. If an item remains unsold at the end of the Commission Period of 545 days, Jhrop will contact you and, at your option and Jhrop’s expense: (i) return the item to you or (ii) donate the item to a charity of Jhrop’s choice. If at the end of the Commission Period Jhrop is unable to contact you at the email or physical address it has on file for you in accordance, the item will be donated to a charity of Jhrop’s choice. So long as you comply with this Agreement, Jhrop will display on the Site and make commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Property. You acknowledge and agree that: (a) Jhrop in its sole dis- cretion will determine the initial selling price for each item of Property (the “Initial Sale Price”) based on its evaluation of that item, together with its determination of the current market price for that item; (b) In order to market and promote the sale of each item, Jhrop will offer discounts and promotions during the Consignment Period, at its sole discretion and without notice to you, as a means to efficiently market and sell the Property, unless Jhrop and you have otherwise agreed in writing to a specific price at which a specific item must be sold. (c) Selling price will be determined at Jhrop’ sole discretion unless previously agreed in writing. Commissions per Item are calculated at the higher of HK$465 and the applicable percentage Commission Rate of the final sale price of an Item. A Commission Rate being the higher of HK$465 or Agreed Commission will apply for all items Sold with Jhrop. You will continue to own and have title to each item of Property until that item is “Sold”. An item will be considered Sold when: (a) it is sold by Jhrop to a customer and not returned to Jhrop within the period specified in Jhrop’s then-current Return Policy ; (b) it is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed while in Jhrop’s possession. Jhrop will pay you a Commission on each item of Property that is Sold. The Commission shall be equal to the item’s Net Selling Price multiplied by the applicable Commission Rate. The Commissions you receive for Sales of your Property are the sole compensation you will receive under this Agreement. Net Selling Price means the price at which an item of Property is Sold, less applicable discounts and shipping costs. Once you agree to this contract, it will remain in full effect until you or Jhrop terminates it.

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Sell an item at it's prime. The most coveted items are always in-season or on-trend, such items can sell close to it's original retail price (or even more in some case)! Resale value is heavily influenced by market demand, trends and seasonal sales. Once items get marked down at the end-of-season, the resale value be affected accordingly.



If you have not worn an item in a year, it is probable that won’t wear it again. The longer an item sits in your wardrobe, the more it will depreciate. Also, natural fabric disintegrates over time resulting in discoloration, stains, moth holes. Any defects will affect an item's resale value.



Start a habit of keeping original tags in pockets! Always keep authenticity cards, original receipts, dust bags, replacement heels or other accessories. Original accessories and tags may add value to an item's resale price and minimizes authenticity concerns.



Buy your size carefully. Any alterations to a garment's original design will affect the resale value significantly.