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Our T&C and fees are changing!

Thank you for your continuous support of Jhrop.

We are happy to announce that from March 1st 2023- our commission, and how it works, will change. Introducing a much simpler Commission Structure, where you can now receive up to 72% on an item's sold price!

The new Commission Structure marks the end of the previous Commission Structure that was put in place since we first started Jhrop.

New Commission Structure

Item Selling Price (HKD)  You receive! JHROP commission
HK $100,001 > 72% 28%
HK $60,001 - 100,000 68% 32%
HK $30,001 - 60,000 65% 35%
HK $10,001 - 30,000 63% 37%
HK $5,001 - 10,000 60% 40%
HK $3,001 - 5,000 55% 45%
HK $1,501 - 3,000 50% 50%
HK $801 - 1,500 40% 60%
HK $561 - HK $800 *
HK $480
< HK $560 HK $80 **
* For every item sold between HK$561-HK$800, a flat rate of HK$480 will be charged. Therefore your payout commission will be less than 40%.
** For every item sold for less than HK$560, you will be paid a flat rate of HK$80 per item. Our commission rate will range from HK$0-480.

Any items that we feel have a resale value less than HK$100; mid to low tier brand; in unsellable condition, we will notify seller to ask if you'd wish to have the item returned or donated.

What will change?

Our new Consignment Structure encourages sellers to consign high priced designer items with us with the most preferable rate. With a wide audience reach being on multiple marketplaces and our quality product presentations, we have an upper-hand at selling items at a premium compared to other consignment services.

Lower commission for high priced items
Earn even more than before on high priced items. You can now receive up to 72% on an item's sold price! With our new Commission Structure, we offer a more favorable rate than Auction Houses if you consign your designer goods with us.

HK$480 minimum fee
We will be introducing a minimum charge of HK$480 for every item sold. This covers expenses in preparing an item for sale- including authentication & cataloging, styling & photography, product listing & marketing, market price analysis, warehousing & storage, selling fees & insurance, logistics & international courier.In recent years, we have seen rising fees on 3rd-party marketplace fees, inflation on basic resources and shipping services. This minimum fee help facilitate the day to day running of our service.As the resale landscape is constantly evolving, our minimum charge will filter out poor-condition, mid to low tier brands and basic style items.

Enhanced product cycle
We continue to sell your inventory for up to 545 days, the longest any consignment store generally hold onto your items for. If an item remains unsold across our multi-platform marketplaces after 545 days, it is likely that the item does not have current market demand. You may opt fo have such items returned to you or donated - free of charge. All items will be donated to our partnered charity - Redress.

Optimized for higher selling price.
We have recently hired a new member that is dedicated to your selling success. With an improved optimized selling strategy, we generally price items above Market Resale Value. We are able to do so to our trusted premium brand image and multi-channel presence. We actively offer promotion and price drops after 3 months, to increase the sell through rate of your inventory. This tried and tested optimization has been proven successful with items selling much faster at a higher resale price.

When will fees be changed?

Items sold on or after March 1st 2023 will follow the new commission structure.

As our statements are always sent 2 months after an item is sold, below is a timeline of when the new commission structure will be implemented.

Statement sent on Feb 1st 2023 - Consignment payout from November 1-30 2022 (Old commission structure)

Statement sent on Mar 1st 2023 - Consignment payout from Dec 1-31 2022 (Old commission structure)

Statement sent on Apr 1st 2023 - Consignment payout from Jan 1-31 2023 (Old commission structure)

Statement sent on May 1st 2023 - Consignment payout from Feb 1-31 2023 (New commission structure!)

introducing our instagram store

Through our 5 years of running Jhrop, we have been selling mainly to an international clientele. We count many A-list celebrities are our clients from Kim Kardashian to Blackpink's Lalisa.

This year, we will be focused on growing our clientele and brand presence locally in Hong Kong and in China.

We will be launching our Instagram store, primary focus on targetting the younger audience in Hong Kong . The page will feature lower-priced designer goods.

We will be extending our brand offering and take on more mid to low-tier brands in Excellent pre-owned condition.

Any items that are unable to be taken on will returned to you or donated to Redress.

We look forward to lauch our new Instagram store to become Hong Kong’s go-to Consignment Service and sustainable retail-fix!

We are dedicated to your selling success, here is our growth plan for 2023

Enhancing Consignment Experience

Working on website to provide you with a more enhanced consignment experience to make product updates more accessible.

China expansion

We are set on China expansion. Setting up our WeChat and T-Mall store, exploring 'Live' or working with professional 'Live Broadcasters' and Chinese translation on our website to enter the Chinese market.

Brand building

We have only relied on organic growth in the past. One of our key focus in 2023 will be to strengthen our brand image within Hong Kong.

Retain returning Customers

To build an active and engaged customer base through doing Instagram and Facebook account, regular updates, live-broadcast and sell lower priced items to attract an engaged and local audience.

increase sales

To work on new marketplace expansions to extend reach, improving listing tools and inventory management so turnaround is much quicker and to optimize price intelligence tools to aid with price reductions.

... And more

Our work doesn’t stop there. Here are our priorities for 2023. We are going to continue listening carefully to our sellers and streamlining our services in the future.

How have we grown?

Growing multi-channel

We have grown from being a singular online store specialized in selling Japanese goods to a 6000+ second hand recommerce store with integration to 5 of world's largest resale marketplaces.

Award Winning Store

We are ranked the '#1 Top Seller in Hong Kong' on Vestiaire Collective, 'Top Dealer' on 1stDibs, 'Top Rated Seller' on eBay US and eBay Australia, 'Grailed Endorsed' on Grailed. These recognition builds trust within communities and strengthens product algorithm.

Curated Designer selections

Unlike other consignment stores, we have a buying team that sources worldwide and add popular items to our inventory, attracting more regular shoppers. Keeping our selections consistently strong for our returning clients.

Donation partnership

We have partnered with Redress since 2021 as an initiative to give back to our community. We donate 5% of our profit to Redress. All unwanted and unsold merchandise will also be donated to Redress.

Growing team, growing space

Our team has grown from a team of 3, to now a team of 8. We are still a small business with big goals.

Our warehouse has tripled in size. Our 3500 sft. office and warehouse space spans over 2 levels, housing over 8000+ items.

Fast shipping

More orders. Better shipping rates. Faster dispatch time. More returning customers. With seamless integrations with DHL and Fedex, orders are dispatched daily.

Menswear Expansion

We have expanded our offerings beyond womenswear. We are officially accepting menswear consignments.

List of partnered marketplaces

A heartfelt thank you

Finally, we'd like to Thank You for your continuous support for JHROP. We will not be where we are at without your support from the start.

We are delighted to share our successes with you, and hope you'd continue to support in building a stronger recommerce movement, making fashion sustainable. We look forward to helping you refresh your closet more consciously.

We kindly ask you submit the renewal contract on or before March 31st 2023. You may download the fillable PDF via the Google Drive link below and email it back to us at or via Whatsapp +852 91797231.

Please feel free to reach out anytime - we are more than happy to hear your suggestions!

Get in touch with us directly via Whatsapp
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