Authenticity Guaranteed

Authenticity first.  Everything else secondary.

Authenticity first, everything else is secondary. All merchandise purchased at JHROP has been carefully inspected and is authentic.  All products we accept are put through a rigorous multi-point inspection to determine authenticity before being accepted into our inventory. Our authentication team inspect each and every consigned merchandise we sell. Our inspectors check for details specific to the brand, including but not limited to the quality of materials, craftsmanship, stitching, brand stamps, hardware and any additional markings that are required.

JHROP has been a re-sellers of authentic luxury goods for over 4 years, specialising in selling premiere brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin etc. We value our reputation as a Trusted Seller and qw are meticulous with merchandise inspection and authenticity verification, prior to offering any merchandise for sale.

All buyers have a 100% authenticity money-back guarantee. 

How do we authenticate?

Items that are considered “high risk” (anything from an Hermès Birkin bag to the hottest streetwear) are authenticated by industry professionals with substantial authentication experience. They will assess each item based on its specific characteristics and details.

Items that are considered “low risk,” such as contemporary brands with clear authenticity markers, will be authenticated by our in-house staff, who receive regular in depth training workshops in authentication. 

The members of JHROP authentication team receive regular  in-depth authentication training from experts as well as daily updates to stay ahead of the latest developments of brands and counterfeiters.

One partnership. Two levels of authenticity
(Well 3 we check everything twice)

We have partnered with Vestiaire Collective.
JHROP is ranked the Top 3 Seller in Asia-Pacific and we are the Top 20 Seller intentionally. 
JHROP is a "Professional Seller" awarded with the "Expert Seller" badge. "Expert Seller" badges guarantees that you are buying a high-quality from a trusted seller. It is the most prestigious seller status as criteria are selling criteria are most difficult to fulfil.

You are welcome to purchase any item from our Vestiaire Collective store where Vestiaire Collective will be a third-party authenticator. Every item will be checked physically and guaranteed a second-level of authenticity by authenticators at Vestiaire Collective.
Please note delivery time will be prolonged as items purchased through Vestiaire Collective are sent from JHROP to Vestiaire Collective for authentication before it gets sent to you.

We are also happy to provide photos to other third-party authenticators to arrange a certificate of authenticity from a third-party source at the buyer's expense.

Say NO to Fakes!

JHROP has zero tolerance to fake or counterfeit items.
If we suspect for any reason an item does not pass our diligent inspection, we will contact the consignor for proof of purchase and/or other proof of authenticity in an effort to establish the items authenticity. Consignors must attest to the authenticity of all consigned items.
If JHROP determines an item to be counterfeit with no further proof to attest to an item's authenticity, the item will NOT be returned to the consignor and will be destroyed. The item will not be donated to any charity. This is to prevent more counterfeit goods to be in circulation.