Consignment Commission

Monthly Accumulated Sales (HKD)  You receive! JHROP commission
HKD $156,000 & over 77% 23%
HKD $78,000 - HKD $155,999 75% 25%
HKD $62,400 - HKD $77,999 65% 35%
HK $39,000 - HKD $62,399 60% 40%
HKD $15,600 - HKD $38,999 55% 45%
HKD $1 - HKD $15,599 50% 50%
JHROP charges a base commission of HKD $480 for every item * HKD $480

JHROP charges a base commission of HKD $480 for every item. The base commission is only charged when an item sells. The base commission covers all cost and expenses in preparing the item for sale. If an item sells for less than  HKD $480, you will not receive any consignment funds.


Our commission rate is simple and all inclusive.
JHROP takes a Monthly Accumulated Sale (MCA) to determine the commission rate for the calendar month. Every month’s commission rate may vary depending on how many items you sold within the month. Commission window starts from the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month. The more you sell, the lower the commission.

HK$480 base commission

We take a base commission of HKD $480 for every item for the cost and expenses needed in preparing the item for sale.

The base rate will cover for professional photography, authentication, marketing, marketplace and bank charges, packaging and warehousing, outbound and return international shipping, customs for export/import, insurance, expertise etc.

For items sold for less than HK$480, you not receive any consignment payout after our base commission.

You sold 18 items between January 1 - January 31st. Within the 18 items, a Hermes bag sold for HKD $66,250 and a Chanel bag for HKD $29,600. The total sales of HKD $78,000 for the two bags brings your Monthly Accumulated Sales (MAS) to a lowered commission tier.
All 18 items sold in January will be entitled to a lowered commission, however our base rate commission of HKD $480 is still applicable.

You sold 2 items between February 1 - 31st. A Gucci bag sold for HKD $15,000 and an Alexander Wang top sold for HKD $800. Your Monthly Accumulated Sales (MAS) is HKD $15,800, you reach a lowered commission tier!
The Gucci bag will be entitled to a lowered commission whilst the base rate of HKD $480 will be charged on the Alexander Wang top. Despite the base commission, the sales of the Alexander Wang top helped push your MAS to a lower commission tier on other items!

We only charge when an item sells!

The Consignment Period for each item begins on the date JHROP accepts the item for consignment and ends 545 days thereafter. If merchandise remains unsold after 545 days, it will be returned to you at no commission (not even our base commission) charged!


With our new Commission Table, we offer a better commission to consign your designer bags with us than with an Auction House.