Hong Kong Consignment Contract - Friends and Family

1- Submit our Online Consignment Contract below 
2- Pack everything into large shopper bags
3- Arrange a pick up: https://jhrop.com/pages/pick-up-request-hong-kong

⚠️ Items that do not reach our selling requirements will be sent back to you free of charge!
⚠️ Please make sure your items are in our Designer Directory in our Accepted Condition


Monthly Accumulated Sales (USD) within Commission Window You receive! Jhrop commission
 $20,000 and above  77% 23%
$10,000 - $19,999 75% 25%
$8,000 - $9,999 65% 35%
$4,500 - $7,999 60% 40%
$1,000 - $4,499 55% 45% 
$120 - $999 50% 50%
*$119 and under $59 and under $60 base rate

Our commission rate is simple and all inclusive.

JHROP takes a Monthly Accumulated Sale (MCA) within a commission window to determine the commission rate for the calendar month. Every month's commission rate may be different depending on how many items you sold within the calendar month.  Commission window starts from the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month.

We only charge commission when an item sells.
The Consignment Period for each item begins on the date JHROP accepts the item for consignment and ends 545 days (1.5 years) thereafter. If merchandise remains unsold after 545 days (1.5 years)- JHROP will have unsold merchandises returned to you with absolutely no charges. If a Return Request is made for any consigned item within 365 days (1 year) from the date JHROP accepted the item, there will be a US$60 charge per item for any item requested for return.

JHROP takes a US$60 base rate commission for every item sold.
We take a US$60 base rate commission on every item. The $60 base rate covers all costs including but not limited to any marketplace listing and delisting fees occurred, marketplace commissions, labor cost for styling, photography, retouching and copywriting, air-conditioned and humidity controlled storage, social media marketing, bank charges, packaging, international shipping charges etc.
Any items sold for less than $119 will be charged with the US$60 base rate. Such items are not eligible for a deducted commission. The revenue from the sale will be counted as part of the Monthly Accumulated Sale total.
You will not receive any consignment funds for any items sold for under US$60.

Read more about our Consignment Commission Structure here. 

Download the contract here