Medical-Standard Chemical-Free UV-C steriliser

JHROP pledges that every item is sterilised with UV-C on the outside and on the inside before an order is dispatched to you.

We use a medical-standard steriliser: GermAwayUV Chemical Free Ultraviolet Disinfection 60 Watt UV-C Steriliser for overall sterilisation and a hand-held GermAwayUV UV-C steriliser to sterilise all linings for clothings and interior of all bags and shoes.

UV-C kills 99.9% of microbes and micro-organisms listed and not limited to micro-organism that cause illnesses such as MRSA, colds and flu, pneumonia, molds, E-coli, salmonella, common viruses that attack humans and plants, algae, mold, roundworm, yeast and other potentially harmful bacteria. 

Social distancing at JHROP 

We care for all our staff's wellbeing.  Our office team is given the option to work remotely or at our office.
Our warehouse team will see two warehouse staffs working on
 rotation to process all orders daily.
We adhere to social distancing rules at all times.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continuous support as we do everything within our power to ensure the health, and happiness of our community. Stay safe, wear a mask and keep washing your hands.

A big virtual (and socially distanced) air hug from the entire JHROP team to you  :)