Sell to JHROP

1- Get a quotation

We buy designer clothes, bags, leather goods, accessories and shoes in excellent and pristine condition onlyWe do not buy ANY items with moderate to heavy signs of wear.

Send 5-7 images per item via WhatsApp (QR code below)
1- Item laid flat to show front
2- Item laid flat to show back
3- Picture of brand label
4- Picture of size tag and composition label
5-7- Any faults the item may have. Pictures must accurately depict the item's true condition
Please check your item carefully, any faults not mentioned/photographed will result in a reduction in final payment.
We offer competitive prices based on the model, demand, size and condition of the product. We will provide a quote within 2-3 business days. 

2- Send in your items with a prepaid shipping label

We will arrange a pre-paid shipping label for you to send in your items.
We will check the items authenticity and cross-check the condition against images you provided.

We only accept authentic items and we ask that you be certain of an item's authenticity before sending it in to us.  PLEASE NOTE: I
f the item is determined to not be authentic by our in-house authenticators, we will contact you for proof of purchase or other proof of authenticity in an effort to establish the item's authenticity. You must attest to the authenticity of all items. If JHROP determines an item to be counterfeit and you are unable to attest to the authenticity, the item will NOT BE RETURNED to the you and will be DESTROYED.

3- Get paid fast

We will pay you the initial quote within 2 business days via bank transfer.
If we find any discrepancies or undisclosed faults on an item, it will result in a reduced final payment. If you do not agree with the revised quote, it will be your responsibility to arrange your own method of transport for the item to be returned to you. All fees incurred as a consequence of an item being returned will be charged to you.

Why sell to JHROP?

✅ JHROP will save you the trouble of selling any item by yourself. You do not need to create listings, write descriptions, take product measurements, ship at the post office, create invoices, custom forms etc...
✅ Quick, easy, contact-less process- without even needed to leave your home
✅ Free up wardrobe space instantaneously. We take away your products immediately, you wont need to store it whilst waiting for a sale 
Get paid immediately
✅ No concerns with buyers, scams, frauds, returns, claims, refunds or bank chargebacks