How do we pronounce jhrop?


noun ; verb ; adjective
synonyms : globule / decrease / let go
1- (noun) a minute quantity of anything
2- (verb) an act or instance of dropping; descent.
3- (verb) a decline in amount, degree, quality, value : a drop in prices.
4- (verb) Informal; merchandise that has just been released to the public: a surprise drop
5- You - you drop dead gorgeous miss thing !


We saw the comment "JJJHRIP JJJHROP 💦💦" on Instagram, and the rest was history.


JHROP offers a fun shopping experience, hunting for new and pre-owned luxury designer goods at a fraction of its original price. At up to 95% off retail! We specialise in selling everything designer; from handbags, clothing, shoes, accessories to limited VIP products and gifts. JHROP eradicates worries usually associated with shopping for pre-owned goods online, with 12 high quality photos, multi-point authentication, clear product descriptions, thorough condition checks and tracked international shipping.

JHROP also offers an effortless consignment and buy-in service, simplifying the resale process and keeping garments out of landfills one item at a time! Based in Hong Kong, all items are processed and authenticated by JHROP studio.

JHROP's mission is to redefine 'Luxury' and 'Vintage'. Our goal is to build a sustainable community, a value-add platform that takes the hassle out of selling and the worry out of buying - a cyclical bridge between shoppers. We inject innovation into the pre-owned and vintage market and break down the walls of the cliche of what luxury is.

With new drops every week and price drops all year round, there is something for everyone here- be it a 1980's Comme Des Garcons archive piece or current season Chanel, from Valentino to Vetements, we really have everything.