Consignment Agreement

Thank you for choosing to consign with us. We want to ensure you fully understand our commission structure, which operates on a Progressive Commission model. This means the higher the selling price, the lower our commission rate. This is excellent news for high-value items, as our commission is only 28%, leaving you with 72% of the sold price.

Our commission structure is aligned with auction houses, but we accept a much wider range of brands, item conditions, and other merchandise that auction houses typically do not, including pre-owned clothing and shoes, wider range of designer brands, small accessories, VIP gifts, and more!
Here is our commissions table:

Sold Price You receive! Our commission
HK$ 100,000 > 72% 28%
HK$ 60,000 - 99,999.99 68% 32%
HK$ 30,000 - 59,999.99 65% 35%
HK$ 10,000 - 29,999.99 63% 37%
HK$ 5,000 - 9,999.99 60% 40%
HK$ 3,000 - 4,999.99 55% 45%
HK$ 1,500 - 2,999.99 50% 50%
HK$ 800 - 1,499.99 40% 60%
HK$ 480 - 799.99 < 39%
HK $480
< HK$ 479.99 0% 100%

To make things easier, we've created a Commission Calculator that you can use to estimate your earnings.

Please note that there is a minimum charge of HK$480 for every sale. This fee covers the costs associated with digitalising and preparing an item for sale- this includes photography, editing, listing, warehousing, logistics, international courier fees, marketing and advertising, marketplace and processing fees, and other operational expenses. This fee will only be charged when an item is sold.

If an item has a low resale value and sells for less than HK$480, there will be no consignment payout. In such cases, we recommend considering donating these items to our partnered charity, ReDress and Upstyle. They focus on accelerating the change to a circular fashion industry by educating and empowering designers and consumers to reduce clothing's negative environmental impacts.

For your convenience, you can send all the items you wish to sell, and we will let you know which items have a resale value of less than HK$480. You may then have the option to donate or return those items.

To get started on your Consignment Process, please complete the Consignment Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.

Thank you again for choosing our consignment service. We are excited to work with you!


We rely on our expertise in the resale market to set the listing price for your items. The key factors we consider include the brand, style, size, age, and condition of the item.

We assess the market scarcity by comparing the item against similar live listings and sold records. Brand exclusivity is an important element in determining the general resale value. We also take into account whether the brand operates seasonal sales, discount outlets, or is available on off-season retailers (Yoox, Outnet etc.)

Additionally, we check if the item is considered "neo-vintage" (10-20 years old) or "vintage" (20+ years old), or if it has been featured in runway shows, campaigns, publications, or worn by celebrities.

Other external factors that influence the resale price include the brand's image, search impressions, seasonal trends, and current market demand.

No, you do not need to approve the listing price. We will provide you with an estimated Listing Price upon request. However, please note that this estimation is provisional and not a guaranteed sale price. It is a statement of our professional opinion only.

Certainly. Here is a general guideline for item valuation based on the retail sell-through cycle:

Styles that are current season: Typically resell for 30-50% off the retail price.
Styles within 1 year: Typically resell for 50-70% off the retail price.
Styles between 2-3 years: Typically resell for 70-90% off the retail price.
Styles between 4-5 years: Typically resell for 80-95% off the retail price.
Styles over 6 years: Typically resell for 90-95% off the retail price.

Styles over 10 years are generally considered "neo-vintage." Contemporary "neo-vintage" and "vintage" items can fetch higher prices depending on their style, scarcity, and desirability.

Yes, you can set a Minimum Reserve price, but this option is only available for rare and exclusive items on a case-by-case basis.

Items with a Minimum Reserve will be listed for 180 days only. If the item remains unsold after 180 days, you can choose to continue consigning it with the minimum reserve removed or have the item returned to you. However, you will be charged a minimum HK$480 base fee to cover the costs and expenses incurred in preparing the item for sale.

If we are unable to agree on a Minimum Reserve with you in writing before the sale, we will return the item, and it will not be accepted for consignment.

Yes, all items are cross-posted on our major marketplaces. We generally price our items 10% above Market Price.

If an item does not sell after 90 days, we will re-evaluate the pricing as it may be overpriced or lacking current market appeal. We will make price revisions when market conditions are optimal.

Generally we offer discount level based on time listed online:
< 1 month > Full Price Sell Through
1-2 months > 10%
3-4 months > 15%
5-6 months > 20%
Item relisted with 20% reduction
7-8 months > Extra 10% (28%)
9-10 months > Extra 15% (32%)
11-12 months > Extra 20% (36%)

Additionally, we may run promotions and offer reasonable discounts at our sole discretion without prior notice to the consignor, in order to efficiently market and sell an item.

FAQ: Payouts

We pay by Direct Deposit in Hong Kong Dollars only. We will make payments to the Payment Account information provided on the Consignment Agreement. No exceptions are made to this policy.

Payments are made to you on the third calendar month following a sale.

For example, if an item is sold between January 1 and 31, the payout will be made at the end of April. If an item is sold between February 1 and 28, the payout will be made at the end of May, and if an item is sold between March 1 and 31, the payout will be made at the end of June.

This time frame is necessary because it generally takes 2-21 days for an item to be delivered to the buyer, and international laws allow buyers up to 30 days to return an item. By waiting until the third calendar month, we can ensure that the sale is final and the item will not be returned before making the payment to you.


The Consignment Period begins on the date we accept an item for consignment and lasts for 545 days (approximately 18 months).

If an item remains unsold after the 545-day Consignment Period, we will return the unsold merchandise to you free of charge.

In the event a client elects not to have the unsold items returned, we will either keep the merchandise on sale or donate it to our charity partner, Redress.

Generally, we decline items that have an estimated market resale price below HKD$480, as you would not receive any consignment payout even if the item were to sell.

These declined items are typically not part of our Designer Directory and have styles that lack current market demand or are in unsellable condition.

If we are unable to accept an item for consignment, we will notify you. In such cases, you have two options:
1- Opt to have the declined item(s) returned to you free of charge.
2- Allow us to donate the item(s) to our charity partner, Redress (

Yes, you may withdraw any consigned items. However, if the withdrawal request is made within the 545-day Consignment Period, a withdrawal fee of HKD$480 per item will be charged. This fee will be invoiced to you or deducted from your next payout balance.

It's important to note that we generally price items 10-25% higher than the market value and aim for a full-price sell-through at a higher resale price, our position allows that as we cross-post all listings on multiple global marketplaces, including eBay, Vestiaire, Reflaunt, Grailed, 1stDibs, PopChill (HK/TW), The Vintage Bar, Miinto (Denmark), StockX and GOAT. There is no shortage of customer exposure based on our placements on these marketplaces.

We are among the top 3 sellers in Hong Kong on Vestiaire Collective, surpassing Vestiaire Hong Kong's official account. eBay's "Top Rated" seller on eBay US. "Grailed Endorsed" seller on Grailed. These seller ranking allows for improved algorithm and greater exposure of our listings.

With our initial starting price marked slightly higher, our strategy involves gradual reductions over time, starting at 10% after 1 month, 15% after 3 months, and 20% after 6 months. In cases where items are not selling, it may be due to the item not having current market or style appeal, and we will readjust prices accordingly.

We will revise the pricing of items to better reflect market demand and relist them across all marketplaces at a reduced price to attract new potential buyers. Price and rarity of items are the primary motivation for buyers to make purchases on the resale market.

Any unsold items will be returned to you free of charge after the Consignment Period ends.

If, however, you do not claim the unsold items within 578 days, the unclaimed property will be deemed to have been transferred to JHROP. We may then, at our sole discretion, either donate the items or continue to sell them as JHROP property.

If we have reasonable doubts about an item's provenance or authenticity, we will notify the consignor and give them an opportunity to provide proof of purchase or other evidence of authenticity.

Should an item be deemed inauthentic or if the authenticity cannot be conclusively determined, the consignor will be charged a penalty of HKD$480 per item on the next scheduled invoice. This fee covers the authentication expenses we incurred.

JHROP does not handle counterfeit goods. Any such items will not be returned to you and will be destroyed in accordance with Hong Kong laws.



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