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We wanted to share some exciting news with you regarding changes we've made to our Consignment Service at Jhrop. Our goal has always been to provide the best selling experience for our consignors, and we believe these changes will do just that!

You asked, we've answered! Starting September 1st, 2023, we will be introducing a new commission structure that is simpler and more competitive than before. You can find our updated terms and conditions here.
Here is our new commissions table:

Sold Price You receive! Our commission
HK$ 100,000 > 72% 28%
HK$ 60,000 - 99,999.99 68% 32%
HK$ 30,000 - 59,999.99 65% 35%
HK$ 10,000 - 29,999.99 63% 37%
HK$ 5,000 - 9,999.99 60% 40%
HK$ 3,000 - 4,999.99 55% 45%
HK$ 1,500 - 2,999.99 50% 50%
HK$ 800 - 1,499.99 40% 60%
HK$ 480 - 799.99 < 39%
HK $480
< HK$ 479.99 0% 100%

What this means for you?
Our new commission is a Progressive Commission. This means that the higher the selling price, the lower our commission. This is excellent news for high-value items as our commission is only 28%, leaving you with 72% of the sold price! This brings us in line with auction houses, except we accept a much wider range of brands, item conditions, and other items that auction houses typically do not sell, including menswear, preowned clothing and shoes, small accessories, VIP gifts and more!

To make things easier for you, we have created a Commission Calculator that you can use to check how much you'll receive for your items!

We will introduce a minimum charge of $480. This fee will only be charged when an item is sold. This fee covers the costs associated with preparing the item for sale, including warehousing, logistics, international courier fees, marketing and advertising, marketplace and processing fees, and other operational costs.

This change will primarily impact items with a resale value of less than $800.  If an item has a low resale value and sells for less than $480, there will be no consignment payout. In this case, we recommend consignors consider donating these items to our partnered charity, ReDress and Upstyle. They focus on accelerating the change to a circular fashion industry by educating and empowering designers and consumers to reduce clothing's negative environmental impacts.

We understand that this may not be ideal for low-value items, but it is necessary to keep our consignment service sustainable. We are confident that this will encourage a stronger curation of brands and styles, as well as better condition of products for our customers.

For your convenience, you can continue to send in all the items you wish to sell, and we will let you know which items have a resale value of less than $480. You may then have the option to donate or return those items.

What you need to do:
Simply complete the new Consignment Agreement before August 31st, 2023. Please update any information or payment details if necessary. The new Commission Structure will be applied to any items sold after September 1st, 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.

WE look forward to continue working with you :)

We remain committed to selling your goods at the best possible price, and our growing list of integrated marketplaces continues to provide maximum exposure for your items.
We are now integrated with seven major resale marketplaces and have been recognized for our performance as a Professional Seller.

🥇 Ebay : Award-Winning Seller in the Fashion Category
🥇 Vestiaire Collective : Hong Kong’s “#1 Top Seller”
🥇 1stDibs - The only “Recognized Dealer” in Fashion across Asia
🥇 Grailed : “Grailed-Endorsed Seller”

We're also excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Hong Kong Instagram Store and WeChat Store to expand our presence in Mainland China and locally in Hong Kong. Our growth in the past has been organic through marketplace expansions. However, we have noticed a maturing market and growing interest in pre-loved goods in the Chinese market. We will be focusing on these segments in the coming year and cannot wait to see where these exciting developments take us!

Thank you for choosing our consignment service.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with you.


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Our consignors rely on our expertise in the resale market. Basic determining factors include brand, style, size, age, and condition.

We assess market scarcity by checking against similar live listings and sold records. Brand exclusivity plays an important role in determining a brand's general resale value. We consider whether a brand does seasonal sales, operates discount outlets, or is available on off-season retailers such as Yoox or The Outnet. We also check if an item is neo-vintage (10-20 years), vintage (20+ years), or has been featured in runway shows, campaigns, publications, or worn by celebrities.

Other external factors that determine the resale price include brand image, search impressions, seasonal trends, and current market demand.

No. We will provide an estimated Selling Price upon request. Any estimation is provisional and is not a guarantee of the price at which we will sell an item and is a statement of opinion only.

Here is a general idea of item valuation, based on an item's retail sell-through cycle.

-Styles within 1 year: generally resells for around 30-70% off retail price.

-Styles between 2-3 years: generally resells for around 70-85% off retail price.

-Styles between 4-5 years: generally resells for around 80-90% off retail price.

-Styles over 6 years: generally resells for around 90-95% off retail price.

-Styles over 10 years are generally considered "neo-vintage". Contemporary "neo-vintage" and "vintage" can fetch higher retail prices depending on their style, scarcity, and desirability.

Yes. We can set a Minimum Reserve price for rare and exclusive items only on an individual basis.

Items with a Minimum Reserve will be on sale for 180 days only. If the item remains unsold after 180 days, you may choose to continue to consign the item with the minimum reserve removed or have the item returned to you. You will be charged with our minimum base fee upon withdrawal for cost and expenses in preparing the item for sale.

If we are unable to agree on a Minimum Reserve for an item with you in writing before sale, we will return the item to you and the item will not be accepted for Consignment.

Yes. All items are cross-posted on all our major marketplaces. Items generally sell within 60 days, if an item does not sell after 60 days with us, we will re-evaluate. This typically means the item is overpriced or does not have current market appeal. We will make price revisions when market conditions are optimal.

Generally we offer discount level based on time listed online:
1-2 months > Full Price
3-6 months > 10-15% off
6-9 months > 15-30% off
9-12 months > 30-45% off
12-15 months > 45-60% off
15-17 months > 60-80% off

We also run promotions and offer reasonable discounts at our sole discretion without prior notice to consignor to efficiently market and sell an item.

FAQ: PayoutS

We pay by Direct Deposit in Hong Kong Dollars only.
We make payments to the Payment Account information provided on the Consignment Agreement only, we do not make any exceptions to this.

Payments are made to you on the third calendar month following a sale.

This means that if an item is sold between January 1 and 31, the payout will be made at the end of April. If an item is sold between February 1 and 28, the payout will be made at the end of May, and if an item is sold between March 1 and 31, the payout will be made at the end of June.

This time frame is necessary because it generally takes 2-21 days for an item to be delivered to the buyer, and international laws allow buyers up to 30 days to return an item. By waiting until the third calendar month, we can ensure that the sale is final and that the item will not be returned before making the payment to you.


The Consignment Period begins on the date JHROP accepts an item for consignment and ends 545 days thereafter.

If merchandise remains unsold after 545 days, JHROP will return all unsold merchandise to you free of charge.

If a client elects to not have items returned, unsold merchandise will either remain on sale or be donated to our charity partner, Redress.

Generally, we decline items that have an estimated resale price below $480 as you will not receive any consignment payout even if they are sold.

These items are usually not in our Designer Directory and have styles that do not have current market demand or are in unsellable condition.

We will notify you if there are any items that we cannot accept for Consignment. You may opt to have the items returned to you for free, or we will donate your items to our charity partner, ReDress (

Yes, you may withdraw any consigned items.

If the Return Request is made within 545 days, there will be a withdrawal fee of HK$480 per item. This will be invoiced or deducted from your next payout balance.

Any unsold items will be returned to you free of charge after Consignment Period is terminated.

In the event that any items are not claimed by you within a period of 578 days, any unclaimed property shall be deemed to have been irrevocably transferred to Jhrop, who may, at our sole discretion, either donate the items or continue to sell them as the property of Jhrop.

If JHROP has reasonable doubts about an item's provenance or authenticity, JHROP will notify the consignor that it has made such a determination, and the consignor will have an opportunity to provide proof of purchase or other proof of authenticity.

Should an item be deemed inauthentic, or the authenticity cannot be conclusively determined, the consignor will be charged a penalty of HKD$480 per item on the next scheduled invoice to cover authentication expenses incurred.

JHROP does not handle counterfeit goods. The said item(s) will NOT be returned to you and will be destroyed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong



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