For Business Sellers

Are you an Independent Luxury Boutique? A vintage store? A Fashion Jewellery or Watch Seller?
Are you holding onto past-season overstock where budget can be spent on new season?
Let’s join forces, move stock and grow our businesses!
✅ Generate more sales.
✅ Move old products.
✅ Reach millions of shoppers, internationally.
âś… Hassle-free inventory management.
✅ Free up space for new inventory.

Extend your reach.

All items sold with JHROP are seamlessly cross-listed on 6 marketplaces by default.
Depending on the item's suitability, some items may be listed on an additional 6 marketplaces.
One item could potentially be listed on up to 12 marketplaces for maximum exposure.

Selected items will also be featured in JHROP editorials posted on our Socials including: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Weibo and Sina Wechat. We have curated the above platforms and socials to maximise our reach to different age group and international market reach each platform brings.

Start selling online today.

We love online shopping, which is why we naturally take a consumer-minded approach to our work ethic. With over 6 years of luxury e-commerce retail experience- we know what online shoppers want. More importantly, we know what we want. So we strive to create an unparalleled shopping experience for pre-owned designer goods at Jhrop. With up to 12 professional product shots, high-resolution zoomable images, accurate product descriptions, thorough condition checks, uncomplicated size conversions, precise product measurements and a seamless check out experience. We attend to customer enquiries around the clock, negotiate deals, and re-authenticate every item before they are shipped worldwide.

Our team of photographers, stylists, product stylists and photo editors take the hassle out of running your own photography studio.
Our back end experts take the problem out of managing your online store and running your inventory system.
We also cover for all issues regarding import duties, customs, insurance, returns, claims etc.

JHROP is your perfect partner to grow your business online.